Testimonials from Past Students Involved

Over the past two years, DTE has worked with 47 schools across the globe virtually and two schools physically. As an organization we want to continue to collaborate with schools across the globe and bring more students on the program to the Arctic Circle. 


Ila Newman

" It was wonderful to create friendships with students from a different culture"


William Halpin

"I honestly cannot wait to go back, I really found that landscape to be so cool. And as a photographer I enjoyed capturing that experience."


Suz Bacon

"It was really cool to make reusable bags out of t-shirts with the local students. I sew a lot at home and I enjoyed helping everyone."

"It was really exciting flying in on the small plane and seeing the vastness of the landscape"

"They even had a swimming pool!"

"Learning the local language and trying the food was a cool way to connect with the native community"