Field - Based Educational Arctic Expeditions


The Expedition...

Educators that are selected to participate in DTE will embark on an 11-15 day arctic expedition to hone their skills teaching in front of fellow teachers. They receive quality feedback, improve their environmental curriculum through direct experience, and gain a sense of place, self, and community within an Arctic environment. They will then work immediately with a group of traveling 6th grade students and native/local students on an environmental project. 

DTE applications for educators will become available... Summer 2019

There will be four FULL scholarships available for teachers, based on financial need. Cost of program will be uploaded soon.

Example Trip Itinerary  - Supposed lengths are 22-30 day programs

0-3 Travel to Arctic and getting to know Educator team and Staff of DTE 

3- 16 - Education Teacher Expedition 

16- 18 - Debrief and De- Issue and get Ready for students to arrive

19- 26  - Work with Students from 8-3pm in school hours (Mon-Fri), staff of DTE takes care of students during after school hours to dinner and bed. *dependent on location 

27-29 - Debrief Entire trip, wrap up lesson plans, depart 


  • 3 + years of teaching experience with elementary and or middle school aged students (outdoor education, classroom, environmental education)

  • 2 + years of working in different cultural environments

  • Ability to write lesson plans using the Expeditionary Learning Template

  • Knowledge and use of Next Generation Science Standards

  • Familiarity with Google docs, drive, numbers, etc.

  • Undergraduate Degree from an accredited University or College

  • Winter Camping experience

  • 2+ years of Backcountry Ski and or Snowboard experience

  • Being able to lift and tow 40-70 lbs

  • Being flexible and adaptive to unseen circumstances

  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the lives of self, fellow teachers, and students

Expectations as an Educator on Program 

  • Teachers are required to pre-write and create 3 lesson plans using Next Generation Science Standards that align with the years DTE project in that Arctic Region. Lesson plans can be modified during program

  • Teachers will be filmed teaching lesson plans

  • Teachers will work together on a set "Environmental Climate Project"

  • Teachers will be expected to use social media channels to share project

  • Teachers are expected to share their experience at their school and or community via slideshow