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Introduction to Schools

What you get as a school, teacher, and or individual... 

  • Curriculum guide overviews 
  • Video lessons
  • Tracking our expedition
  • Video Conferencing with your School
  •  Student Focused Material
  • Completed Film of each expedition

I am creating curriculum out of scientific PhD research projects and distilling it down to elementary level material that aligns with material they learn in school, so to ignite a spark of curiosity of the natural world. We will also focus the curriculum around the environment, local culture, and sustainability.  Although the curriculum overview will be created for grades between 1st and 3rd grade, we encourage older grade teachers to be included by modifying the material to fit the needs of your classroom.

During the expedition we want schools to help us tailor the expedition by submitting your questions to the blog. We want to help cultivate material that students want to learn about about the places we are exploring, as much as what we can provide to them.

With your involvement, we will create an exciting event that meets your needs and connects you to this amazing landscape.

What we need...

  • Donate $11 to Protect Our Winters (POW) located on our Donate Page
  • Film and take pictures of your lessons/projects your school is doing with material 


Teaching Climate Change


How is this expedition teaching about climate change?

All teachers, myself as a first grade teacher included, can ignite curiosity about the environment. In my educational philosophy, for a child to actually believe authentically in an idea, theory, or project they must first find it on their own. For example when I teach maps and compass work, I first show them the mountains, rivers, valleys without any map. They see with their own eyes the plants and animals living there, they hear the sounds, they smell the air and they notice how being there makes them feel.  I help the students form the questions about places raised through their senses.

After this, I bring out a map and the students can, with a new light and foundational perspective, link their curiosities with an expanded view. Next I show them how to use a compass and possibly a GPS. If I first and only taught how to use a GPS students might not get lost, but they might have little or no connection to their experience of the land.  Students would be merely visitors and not someone invested with taking the time to explore.  

If I dive into talking about climate change with a seven year old, I risk them having no connection to the concept of why it is so important to them.  Developmentally they may not be ready yet. But, if I bring them outside, teach them about animals, trees, plants and the wonders of the outside world they might find an appreciation and a chance to be fueled by their love for their involvement with this world. 

The curriculum below connects directly to what the students are learning in school, but in a wondrous, new location.  The planet is being affected by climate change more immediately than what is able to be seen within a classroom in a school building. Making comparisons to the environment from at home and to the arctic will allow them to start connecting across the spectrum of natural places. This instilled sense of curiosity and wonder will propel future projects. Ultimately, it is about releasing hope in the younger generations that the natural world is a place we want to love, help, and live in for days to come and how we can do that in our communities in a balanced and healthy way.  




To follow along 

What you need... 

  • Projection screen (smart board, computer, monitor etc.)
  • WIFI High Speed- Internet 

This presentation is primarily an introduction to encourage further reading and exploration of the topics discussed. This is no attempt to present any specific coursework of study unless it aligns with what you are teaching in school. Teachers, in their follow up, would find multiple options to create activities that apply to national and state standards.


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