Michaela Precourt is embarking on a 5 year journey to bring awareness to her students, community and potentially other students across the nation about arctic environments, how they need our help, and to instill hope in their dreams.. This year she was fortunate to find people that were interested in telling the first story and possibly many more. The team currently consists of Lexi Dupont, Taylor Bones, Marty Schaffer, and Gabe Rogel. Each member of the expedition connects to the wilderness in a meaningful way and seeks to answer, "How can I use my voice to protect, educate, and continue to enjoy these wonderful, snowy environments?"  The variety of backgrounds, representing teachers, guides, professional athletes and cinematographers, make this a significant trip affording a multi-faceted view and a chance to see that protecting and educating about the environment is important to all types of people with all types of perspectives. Anyone, all of us, can work hard to make a difference to the wild environment.

A single blanket has many individual threads, without those threads there is no blanket, no coverage. We are weaving many ideas into this single trip to hopefully impact communities all over. To give them tools and ideas of how to become involved in their communities.  

~ But, to ultimately instill hope within people across the nation and beyond ~



All photography by Gabe Rogel


Take Action

 We hope to fundraise money for POW (protect our winters) and Rainforest Action Network. We feel these two organizations align with progressing in a more authentic and intentional way that takes into account the environment, human beings, and the health of the world around us.  

To fundraise the money we are asking each classroom, family, and or individual to donate a minimum of $11.00 to gain access the tracking of our expedition, the developed curriculum, and the live feed. The donation will be split and instantly sent to those two organizations. Classrooms, families, and individuals are of course encouraged to donate more by making this a big awarenesses within their communities and to fundraise more money for the environment.  

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