photo by: Jon Mancuso

photo by: Jon Mancuso


About the eqpd LastBag:

The LastBag is designed as a lifetime product. Reliable, practical and easy to use. Carry the heaviest of loads with just one handle, set down onto muddy ground and clean with a garden hose. Our 18oz. fabric is most commonly used as truck tarps and whitewater rafts and is highly durable, absolutely waterproof, UV stable and bleach safe.  The seamless folded bottom and exposed side seams allow the bag to stand upright and open. The reinforced handle is padded and easy to grab. Fold flat like a paper bag to store in your luggage, car, closet or backpack. Built for versatility, our LastBags are used for everything from groceries and boating, to trail-building and construction sites.  Its utilitarian design works for both men and women, young and old, from the city to the country.

Size: about the size of a classic brown grocery bag : 10"w x 13"h x 8"d

Care: Wash with water, kitchen sprays, bleach safe.

Proudly made in Twisp, WA

Your purchase today is part of eqpd's "Built-for-a-Purpose" fundraising program. A unique and powerful tool that uses design, manufacturing and business to reduce our environmental impact, create American jobs and support causes worth investing in. At eqpd, we believe products can do more than just look good and that the very best designs find ways to create the most benefit, for the most people. For every Down to Earth LastBag sold, eqpd donates 1/2 the purchase price ($25) to DTE for the Methow Campus.