Would you be interested in working with DTE? Our current openings are in Spring 2020 in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska

We are looking for... 

Experienced Outdoor Educators in backcountry skiing and winter camping

PhD level Outdoor and or Environmental Educators

Climate Change Scientists with backcountry skiing and winter camping experience

We are looking for DTE Leadership staff who would like to support DTE mission and outcomes in regards to our teacher and student participants.  On program we are looking for staff to support teachers on an educational expedition and then support teachers with time off during the school portion of the expedition. DTE staff will act as a risk management net on expedition with teachers, teach them how to thrive and survive in an arctic environment, mentor educational growth of the teacher (as well in curriculum development and oversight), and help teachers find a sense of place within an arctic landscape.  After the expeditions DTE staff will take care of after school hours with the 6th grade students. You will help students gain a sense of place by introducing them to the arctic environment outside of the 4 walls of a classroom, and you will make them feel comfortable, well fed, and in bed on time.  DTE Staff will mange their own time during school hours, so to be prepared for after-school responsibilities. 

DTE Leadership staff will go on an unpaid staff training to the same location with our Risk Management Committee. You will be trained on Policies and Procedures of DTE, a Parks and Recreation Gun Safety Course will be required, and we will run and review scenarios that could happen on a DTE expedition. 

We are also looking for.... 

Logistical Staff

  • on program to support staff

  • website design

  • managing lesson plan and curriculum booklets

Education Coordinator 

Please reach out and ask us about our positions, we are a VERY new organization and in the process of acquiring sponsorship and funding. Rates of pay are dependent on funding, but as a past teacher, outdoor educator, and guide my hope is to pay DTE staff a live-able wage that is fair based on experience.