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Broken down into two sections

The first section is education instruction

Michaela Precourt is a teacher at the Waldorf School of Bend (Pre K-8th) and over the next few months she is working with her fellow faculty(4th to 8th) to create curriculum for the students across the grades that aligns with the expedition. Each class will have an opportunity to interact with the team and ask questions that align with their curriculum.  An example of curriculum is geology, age of exploration, nutrition, marine and coastal wildlife, and Arctic culture.    We will also be sending out gps coordinates, pictures and updates each day on a blog, so the children can track our experience.  On April 28th, there will be a live feed to classroom or school via the website that can be streamed on any computer around the country. The curriculum and lesson plans will be on the website for schools to use as well. 

The Second Section is Awareness:

We hope to fundraise money for POW (protect our winters) and Rainforest Action Network. We feel these two organizations align with progressing in a more authentic and intentional way that takes into account the environment, human beings, and the health of the world around us.  

To fundraise the money we are asking each class to donate a minimum of $11 to gain access the tracking of our expedition, the developed curriculum, and the live feed. The donation will be split and instantly sent to the two organizations. Classrooms or whole schools are of course encouraged to donate more by making this a big awarenesses at schools to fundraise more money for the environment.  

Presentation and Why it is Important

•    Is this something you think you and/or your teachers would be interested in?

•    Something the classrooms within your school would want to participate in? 

•    Do you want to be on our mailing list to receive more information?

I think “the world is your classroom,” experiential education is a really powerful concept because of the chance for students to experience material coming to life. But more so, as Michaela Precourt, education and winter are my passions and dreams. This expedition shows that dreams are possible and every student can have a big impact on many people with their dreams and ideas.  I think it is important to find ways to connect to children in an authentic, real, intentionally inspirational way if we want to protect the world. When and where students relate to someone or something, they find their connection to the world.

This presentation is primarily an introduction to encourage further reading and exploration of the topics discussed. There is no attempt to present any specific coursework of study unless it aligns with what you are teaching in school. Teachers, in their follow up, would find multiple options to create activities that apply to national and state standards.

Technical needs

Depending on the size of the room, it is recommended that the classroom provide a projection screen with an adaptor to a PC (or WiFi), a microphone, and an adequate PA System. A high-speed internet connection will enhance the presentation.