What is Home?

DTE  over arching curriculum theme is "What is Home?". I will be working with my students to establish what makes a home to them through notices and wonders and what it means to thrive verses survive. Students will apply what they have learned in their studies of home to understand someone else’s environment, be able to explain what qualities of home are important and why, and what is required to survive and thrive in one’s home. Expanding our understanding of someone else's view point of how to establish home will lead to deeper understanding of why a concept is important to us. We as humans need to see our similarities and differences in order to protect and progress in our environments. I as an educator am trying to bridge the gap to allow the opportunity for students to meet and see how someone else lives. So to then learn how to deepen their appreciation for the world around them.  We all must work together to understand how to appreciate each other, how to expand our opinion, and protect the earth in which we stand.