Protecting the Watershed

While we were in the Arctic Circle this year, educators came together to facilitate a project that helps promote health into the watershed in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska (AKP). The students from the lower 48 and native/ local students worked together on making reusable bags for their grocery store, recycling boxes in school, and an idea survey for their communities about "Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in AKP"


Feature 1

One of our educators Adam Russell, opened up the week with an understanding of Patterns in Nature and how pollution interrupts those patterns. We then in small groups explored different ways we could reduce, reuse, recycle in AKP. The students generated a wonderful survey to help generate ideas from the community. 

Feature 2

Through out the week the visiting students in AKP learned about the native culture. They learned about their local language, games, and food. Many students spoke about how that was one of their highlights of traveling to this remote village. 



Feature 3

Students visited the Dump in AKP. The students witnessed how the trash was being broken down (burned). They now had a direct experience of what could be happening in AKP's watershed from Adams Lesson. The students all got to work on finding alternative ways to break down trash in AKP.

  • thrift store or a rummage room
  • turning old tires into garden beds
  • sewing t-shirts into bags
  • making art out of garbage
  • start recycling cardboard and bottles  


Feature 5

While the students were in AKP, they had an opportunity to cross country ski, go to a swimming pool, learn about local culture, exploring the landscape with the local people,  and spend quality time in an Arctic environment drastically effected by a changing climate. Students also fondly speak of friendships they made with the students in AKP. The Methow Valley Community is currently trying to find a way to get the AKP students to WA.