A Sense of Place




Written curriculum will be uploaded June 20, 2018

  • Arctic Caribou 
  • Geology of the Brooks Range, Alaska
  • Navigation in Arctic
  • Exploring Anaktuvuk River Watershed
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Greenhouse Gases and How it effects the Arctic
  • Natures Patterns 
  • Ptarmigan
  • Transference to your home
  • Tensegrity Model

Accompanying video lesson will be uploaded August 1, 2018 

We must come together to protect the earth on which we stand. The watershed is nature’s home and ours as well.  Watersheds across the earth are being challenged by climate change. Down to Earth Expeditions (DTEEXP) are working to instill environmental stewardship within team members and students. PARTNERSHIP with the land and water is the key to change. 

The educational expedition this year will be an 11 day self-support, ski expedition along the Anaktuvuk River at the base of the Brooks Range Mountains in the Arctic. As visitors to this landscape the DTEEXP team will focus their exploration on the caribou migration path to learn about surviving and thriving in this wild and beautiful watershed space.  

The students from the two regions of Methow Valley and Anaktuvuk Pass will work together to advocate for each others’ watersheds through projects of recycling, reducing, and reusing to promote health back into the caribou migration. Schools tuning in from around the world will have the opportunity to connect through the live -feed interactions and to send footage of their own stewardship in their watersheds as well. 

Young students voices need and want to be heard. They have beautiful ideas of how to promote health back into our watersheds.  DTEEXP is trying to advocate for young students voices and the Arctic.  Join us in this Journey!