The Mission of Down to Earth Expeditions



is to empower students and teachers in their ability to evoke environmental change within their communities




  1. Curiosity

  2. Community

  3. Transformation

  4. Sense of Place

  5. Environmental Stewardship


Tuition - Free

The Down to Earth Expeditions Teacher Fellowship Program seeks to attract committed, inspiring, and determined teachers.

Our educational expeditions:

  • allow for hands-on problem solving, leadership, and learning how to inspire future generations on combating the environmental crisis through hope.  

  • *offer a unique approach with our educational models through sense of place curriculum. 

  • 6 selected educators will embark on a 14 day educational expedition in a remote Arctic location in Alaska

On this Student Explorers Program, you will learn hiking skills to explore the wilderness, gain critical thinking skills, and how to emerge as a environmental steward.

Explorers will work towards a common goal of environmental stewardship through a project designed by our Teacher Fellowship Program. Through this program you will gain self confidence, find you are way more capable than you imagine, and form lasting friendships.

Student Explorers program

  • Population: 10-12 year olds; It is a mix of students from all of The United States and within that native Arctic region

  • 9 day base camp program located in the Arctic Circle