Down to Earth Expedition started with two questions...

 " How do we connect young students to arctic regions affected by climate change?"  

"How can we as adventurers continue to explore landscapes with purpose?"



DTE seeks to instill environmental stewardship within students by creating connection to the natural world. 

Each year DTE will plan an educational expedition to a different Arctic location in the world and film their journey.


I.  Educate Students


Broadcast Change

Because it is hard to put Michaela Precourt and or anyones classroom on a plane and travel around the world to remote location.  DTE is creating a team to interact with schools remotely through the website. You will be able to track our expedition, ask questions along the way, watch the interaction between schools collaborating, use uploaded curriculum, and watch video lesson blogs about their journey.  


II.  Local Focused


100 Mile Diet

During DTE expeditions, we will be creative when packing our food for the expedition. As team members we will be working with our local Community Supported Agriculture programs to bring locally sourced food on our trips. We will then work with local people within the destination to get the remaining food sourced within that region only. 


III. Connect to Earth


Back to the Earth

During the expedition, we will be intentionally reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.  As we move forward, we as humans need to continue having a more authentic connection to our world in order to understand it, appreciate it, and help it. . We strive to form a larger, more encompassing awareness regarding our footprints while traveling. Through out this project we will be striving to be as human powered as possible and or be intentional when we choose not be.



Help  the  Cause