To educate and expose elementary schools to climate change research and sustainable living through the human-powered expeditionary learning model. 

Goals to accomplish our mission

  • Connect schools to climate change research distilled down to meet elementary curricula 
  • Creating project based curriculum for teachers to use in elementary schools
  • Connect students to the expeditionary learning model through video conferencing
  • Being intentional behind human powered exploration 

  • Build awareness around food through a 100 mile diet








I.  Educate


Broadcast Change

Down to Earth gives students and schools the opportunity to track our expeditions, use their curiosity to direct their inquiry, have live interaction with us from the field, gain curriculum materials, and watch video lesson blogs. 

Down to Earth wants to be the link between classrooms and outdoor education in bringing the importance of environmental stewardship into our school systems. 

Michaela Precourt will be working with a PHD student studying climate change in relation to the Arctic and distilling down their research to elementary school level curriculum.

We hope to bridge the gap with schools by allowing the opportunity for them to communicate about their lessons and projects across the globe.


II.  Transfer


100 Mile Diet

During DTE expeditions, we will be creative when packing our food for the expedition. As team members we will be working with our local Community Supported Agriculture programs to bring locally sourced food on our trips. We will then work with local people within the destination to get the remaining food sourced within that region only. 




Human Powered

During the expedition, we will be intentionally reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.  As we move forward, we as humans need to continue having a more authentic connection to our world in order to understand it, appreciate it, and help it. . We strive to form a larger, more encompassing awareness regarding our footprints while traveling. Through out this project we will be striving to be as human powered as possible and or be intentional when we choose not be.



Help  the  Cause